what is amateurish?

Thank you for stopping by! This new blog is something I’ve been mulling over for quite some time now. It’s been being made in secret, in the chance that I back out no one would be there to stop me! But now it’s here. The secret is out.

I’ve always been a writer… journals, long documents of all my jumbled thoughts, atrocious attempts at books and screenplays, but this is something new that I’m trying. Writing for the sake of writing. I hope this works out and that as time goes by, more stories flow out. My fingers are crossed that the blogmosphere treats me well.

I imagine this blog to be a space not only for my thoughts, but to hear yours. I want feedback, new conversation, friends, and commentary. I don’t want to write to the dark and be unheard. So thank you, that by some miracle you found your way here. I hope that Amateurish gives you some inspiration. I’m not sure what kind of inspiration, maybe purely that you go and make a better blog than this, but inspiration none-the-less.

This is where I hope to bring insight, laugher, curiosity, some form of entertainment. I’m an amateur to this blogging world, heck, I’m an amateur to the world. And I’m not afraid to admit that. I’m not sure what I’m doing, what I’m writing, where I’m going. But hey, who the hell does? We all begin as amateurs and I think that prefacing this blog with that  is the perfect place to begin.

So thanks again! And I hope to see you around.


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