W. Winter Wears

Hey girls, here’s a seasonal fashion installment! What are we wearing for winter? This season it’s all about comfort and warmth. Velvet, coats, leather, boots – here it is!


It’s seems to be the fabric of winter. Velvet everything, from head to toe. This trend has been making its way back, and I think it’s here to stay for a while. From coats to chokers, here are some of my favorites!

kendall-jenner-wore-the-coolest-velvet-jacket-last-night-1605081-1450723467-640x0cPhoto: Splash News
Kimono: Eileen Fisher
Velvet kimonos and coats, floor length or to the knee. Perfect for a night out! Velvet coats are great for keeping you warm but also looking like you tried. Two birds, one coat!

the-fall-ankle-boot-trend-gigi-hadid-is-already-wearing-1808934-1466174342-640x0cPhoto: Raymond Hall/GC
Boots: Stuart Weitzman
Velvet booties! Absolutely love them. Makes any outfit automatically pop, going from casual to stylish. Velvet boots come in all styles from heeled to flat. They’re trendy and will definitely catch people’s attention. L-O-V-E.


I’ve always been addicted to coats – like seriously, I even wear them in Hawaii’s 90 degree weather. But for winter, here are a few trends in the coat department.

le-fashion-blog-kylie-jenner-pastel-neutral-mix-long-coat-west-hollywood-2014-2Coat: ASOS Duster Coat
Pastel trench coats are definitely on my Christmas list – especially light blue. Pastels have been ruling winter and the light colors make everyone look and feel light and happy! Dress it up, dress it down, anything works!

main-original-640x0cPhoto: BO.BÔ
Coat: Moss Fur
Fur (faux) coats are a YES. If you aren’t convinced with Cara Delevingne wearing one than I just can’t help you. Get one.
5071241505_2_3_1Jacket: ZARA
Bomber jackets have become a big fad. But we aren’t just wearing them because they’re back from the 50’s, we’re wearing them because they’re RAD. They’re amazing. Comfortable. Fashionable.


It’s a classic, leather works as an upper on any outfit. Here are some of my favorite leather pieces!
kendall-jenner-says-this-is-the-one-accessory-shell-wear-the-rest-of-her-life-1719570-1459789257-640x0cPhoto: Splash News
Here’s another look at a pastel coat, but more importantly, the leather pants. Leather leggings can spice up any look. Instantly look like you are going out for the night or, just wear them because they’re leather and we love it.

5479241800_1_1_1Jacket: ZARA
Leather jackets. Enough said. Rock on.


We can’t make it through winter without… boots. They’re a winter staple. But, of course, there are some better than others. For example, knee high boots? Any day.  6010101009_2_11_11Boots: ZARA
Velvet and over the knee?! Life can’t get better. These boots will make you look and feel amazing. Over the knee boots have been making their way to the top of the “must have” list. Match with an oversized hoodie, sweater, dress, or coat. They’re all you need.

screen_shot_2014-05-17_at_11-09-26_pm_1024x1024Boots: Celine
Black leather boots. They’re a life must have, which is why I’m throwing them in here, too. Because we all need a nice pair of leather boots.
So there you have it! Winter might be cold and snowy, but that shouldn’t stop us. Weather may be blue, but our trench coats can be, too! So look and feel great in some of these looks! Hope to see you around, amateur fashionistas!
P.S. I personally love winter trends, but how about you? Let me know your Winter Wears in the comments below!
featured photo: ZARA leopard faux fur coat

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