M. Winter Wears

It’s winter, which means it’s time for a slight change in dress, boys! Here are some trends for this chilly season!


main-original-640x0c1Photo: GC
Overcoats don’t only keep you warm but adds style to a very casual outfit. Throw an overcoat over your normal t-shirt and jeans and you’ll automatically feel upscale.

291a71db00000578-3099062-back_together_ryan_gosling_reunited_with_crazy_stupid_love_co_st-a-68_1432725100010Bomber jackets just make you look cool, let’s face it. They’re a nice touch to any outfit, lightweight, and come satin, varsity-style, leather, or you name it! And did I mention you’ll look cool?

originalHere’s another example of a great winter coat. While this one isn’t outwardly furry, the inside is faux fur, perfect for keeping you warm while also simply looking nice. 

ak89tx-l-610x610-jacket-shearlingdenimjacket-shearlingjacket-shearling-mensdenimjacket-denimjacket-bluejacket-mensjacket-menswear-sunglasses-zacefron-celebritystyle-celebrityJean jackets are total style uppers. They take anything and make it better. In jean we trust. Plain outfits made vogue.


I wait all year for the beanies to come out! Not only are they helpful for those bad hair days, but they’re great for adding a nice touch to an outfit. Keeping you warm, they also keep all eyes on you.

article-2244338-1647ba8f000005dc-383_634x826Pretty self explanatory, beanies work.

Yep. They work.


A little lighter than a coat, sweaters are a comfortable alternative. Thrown over a t-shirt or another long-sleeve, they look spiffy!

adam-levine-thom-browne-cardigan-2As said above, thrown over a simple outfit, a sweater will make you look great. Plus, if Adam Levine can wear one to an award show, we know it looks good.

infphoto_935112_zac_efronThey’re also nice to wear simply with a pair of jeans or nice pants. Throw a beanie on with this outfit and you’ll be killing it.


Every outfit needs a nice pair of shoes! Boots are a simple alternative to running shoes, dress shoes, or sneakers. They may feel odd initially, if you’ve never gone with the boot look before, but I promise they’ll work!

chelsea-boots-2The Chelsea boot is a classic among men. They’re perfect with a pair of jeans, styling up any outfit! The low heeled boots add a touch of class to a casual or formal ensemble.

Winter boots [left] and the Chukka boots [right] are also perfect! They’re both easy to wear with any sleek outfit, like a pair of jeans and a nice coat! Slip these on and you’ll be trudging the snow in style!
So there you have it! A few tips for looking trendy and stylish this winter! Let me know some of you favorite Winter Wears in the comments below!


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