As Written By An Aquarius

My month is officially over – and what I mean by this is that January has ended. January was full of ‘grown-up’ things. I turned 20, started preparing for life alone and abroad, worked full-time at my first real ‘big girl’ job, and started learning more about what my life holds.

I did a lot of thinking about what it means to be a January baby, and while I’m not the worlds biggest believer in zodiac signs, I took to it to read Elle’s daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes. To my surprise, they had it pretty spot on.

Astrologically, the aquarius is ruled by Uranus – [mind you, I did laugh at that]. We are clever, creative, open-minded, and always fight for the underdog. We are obsessed with pleasing people, get angry potentially a little too quickly, but all in all, strive for equality. — At least this is everything they say about us.

But the thing that mainly strikes me as way too accurate was Elle’s monthly prediction for an aquarius. Here are a few examples of its truths.

A: “Over the last several months, you might have been swayed by an inspirational idea—possibly expanding faster than your bandwidth could handle.” 

Over the last few months I started a blog, started an amazing internship, began a project that I must invest into daily, and started really preparing for studying abroad in South Africa in just one month. However, in the midst of all of this, I do admit to feeling quite overwhelmed.

B: “Your plans are still viable, but use this time to take a level-headed look at how you’re approaching this next big chapter. “

So I’ll be OK?

C: “Curveballs abound! Unexpected news could force you to think on your feet. A brainstorming meeting could result in you zooming off in a totally different direction than you’d planned.”

This just terrifies me; I really hope this astrological stuff is a lie if C is a viable option.

D: “Review your budget, with an eye toward where you can trim expenses.”

And let’s not even talk about the truth behind D. My bank account doesn’t make it look like I’ve been working at all.

E: “A publishing or media undertaking could earn you some decent money.”

Did I tell you about my recent new job at a magazine?

Needless to say, Elle has been way too accurate and I’m beginning to think they’re onto something. Are other Jan. babies in the same boat? Check out your horoscope at and tell me just how accurate it is in the comments below!


One thought on “As Written By An Aquarius

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