Update: Hello South Africa!

Hi, all!

I’ve officially made it to Cape Town, South Africa! It was a long 32 hour trek but I’m here — and it’s absolutely incredible!!

Apologies for not posting in quite some time but the days leading up to my departure were crazy. In short, I was running to the airport at 8 p.m. Wednesday night (granted my flight wasn’t until 11:30), thinking that I was going to be waiting in line at the international terminal forever like the continuous email warnings kept threatening I would, but all went well and I was sitting in my terminal by 10:30. I was freaking out about the fact that I was about to embark on two days worth of travel when the longest flight I’ve ever been on was the retched 6.5 hour flight to Maui a few years ago when the head winds were brutal – not that I’m still bitter about it – but it actually went quite smoothly. On my three flights, Ireland to Ethiopia to Cape Town, I met the nicest three people. I watched Love and Other Drugs (a new favorite), War Dogs, and an episode of Bones, I ate seven different meals (constantly being woken up by the flight attendants because I told them that even if I was asleep, I wanted the meal), and I explored the Addis Ababa airport while watching the beautiful sunrise. It was a long day and a half, but it was not nearly as bad as I had been anticipating.

So here I am! Currently sitting in my living room in my cute suburban home with my ten housemates. I arrived Friday at 2 p.m. and have thus far gone to a braai, met my fellow ‘study abroad mates’, went to Old Biscuit Mill, hiked Lions Head, and went to Camps Bay Beach. The braai was everything I hoped for. Basically, you buy meat and bring some beer to the set location and have a big barbecue party – sounds odd, tasted great and was so much fun – we are hosting our own braai tonight! Old Biscuit Mill is a Saturday ‘flea market’ type of outing – people sell amazing food, super neat trinkets and fancier clothing/shoes – I plan on going every week. Also, my accommodations are insane! I have a cute attic room with slanted ceilings and two large window panels that let the beautiful morning light in, and if you know me at all, you know I love my windows. It’s a single room upstairs in the main house (I’ll post a picture of it soon) and I’m in love with it. Last night as I was laying down for bed, I was able to see the stars through the windrow directly above my bed and it was so lovely. My house is huge and the people in it are amazing – I’ve known them for 48 hours and it feels like I’ve known them for ages.

Needless to say, it was a journey getting here but I already love this place. I’m so excited to experience this beautiful country and meet the beautiful people, I have already learned and seen so much that I didn’t know existed. This place is surreal.


4 thoughts on “Update: Hello South Africa!

  1. You’ll be seeing and experiencing so many things. Take time to make notes of all the things the Lord shows you. Later you can take time to remember those things and write the full story. Blessing on you. Love you, Grammy + Nana

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