Cape Town Week 1

Cape Town, South Africa is the most incredible place in the world.

I’ve officially been here for a week and I can already tell you that leaving here in five months will be one of the hardest things I’ll ever do; I have never been more in love with a city and it’s people than I am here. There are so many wonderful aspects of South Africa – it’s surreal beauty, the load of diversity, the amazing joy that I see in the eyes of those with so much less than I’ve ever had, the happiness that I hear from women singing in bars for the pure joy of singing and not for the hope of fame around the corner, the determination I can sense from students that want an education and are fighting for their rights to learn, and the innocent bliss of children who have never owned a single item of technology… the list goes on and on.

Since I have been here I have seen some of the most beautiful sights, hiked gorgeous mountains, tanned on white beaches, eaten unbelievable food, met some of the kindest souls I’ll ever know, and allowed myself to begin seeing life through a new perspective. That being said, my greatest hope is that as time goes on, I’ll discover new truths about humanity and equality. Cape Town, among many other things, is a place where you can see a spectrum of ways of life and I hope that during my stay I’ll realize how I can make meaningful, much needed change.

Week one has been the time of my life. From signing up for classes at school and figuring out which clubs on campus I want to be a part of to meeting new friends and making a little family on this side of the world, this week has become one that I will never forget – and I know that it will only get better and better.

Day 1:
– Landed in Cape Town at 2pm and caught an Uber to my accommodations.
– Went to a braai at fellow study abroad student’s house.

Day 2:
– Went to the Old Biscuit Mill – an outdoor market place with food, music, and outlet shops.
– Had our welcome dinner for the semester study abroad students.

Day 3:
– Woke up early and hiked Lion’s Head — one of the most beautiful hikes I’ve ever done.
– Drove down to Camps Bay, a gorgeous white sand beach, and ate at Cafe Caprice. 
– Hosted a braai at our house.

Day 4:
– Spent ten hours at UCT for orientation – did some drumming lessons, took a tour of campus, and learned African chants.
– Went to Trenchtown and Stones for pizza and beer.

Day 5:
– Took a day trip to the Waterfront – got sushi and saw seals.
– Trivia night at Foreign Exchange.

Day 6:
– Had an Afternoon High Tea experience at Mt. Nelson Hotel. 
– Ran a 5k around the waterfront with a running club I want to join. 
– Went to Stones for ‘American Wednesday’.

Day 7:
– First chill day in the city – got a burner phone and did work at a cafe I’m obsessed with called Cocoa Wah Wah.
– Went to a braai for freshman/new students.
– Hung out with my housemates at home; reverted to some LA ways and made popcorn while we watched The Bachelor.


3 thoughts on “Cape Town Week 1

  1. Love, love, love that you are having this experience. The week I spent in Cape Town was amazing as well. I believe you will find some truths about humanity and equality there. There seems to be a real difference between race relations in South Africa and in America.

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