One Month Down, Loving Cape Town

I’m not quite sure how, but it’s been one month since I landed here in Cape Town, South Africa. I feel like I’ve lived here my entire life, but I also feel like I just got off the plane. Either way, I’m head-over-heels for this amazing country.

Of course, I can promise that there hasn’t been a dull moment. The past three weeks since my last update were filled with busy days and adjustments. I started classes at the University of Cape Town and began figuring out what a day-to-day schedule will look like for me; ever since we landed it’s been ‘go, go, go’, and I didn’t really have a moment to think about the fact that I just completely picked up my life and moved it here. The first few days of adjusting to the university were exciting but also hectic due to class conflicts… thankfully after a few stressful days my schedule finally came together. I’m taking an Archaeology course, a journalism class on writing and editing in the media, and African dance. (Hands down African dance is the best; we’re currently learning dances from the Zulu and Kenyan tribes, so basically, I’m going to come back to America with moves.)

Other than school, realizing that I still need to do my taxes, and trying to remember to go to the grocery store and do my laundry, everything else has been going smoothly. The week days are becoming a bit more routine with classes/school in the picture, but my house never fails to make it a great time even when just sitting inside. Highlights of the past few weeks have been:
Mizoli’s: an open-air shack butchery in the Gugulethu township right outside of the main city. It’s essentially a large area where different groups have braais, making for one large braai with friends and strangers. We ordered a ton of meat (the braai essential) and danced while getting drumming lessons from an old man wearing a ‘Joe and the Ganja Muffins’ t-shirt. (Pictures to be found below.)
Signal Hill: The butt of the lion. Signal Hill is a hill that extends out from Lion Head mountain – they call it the butt because it actually does look like a lion laying down if you look at the big picture. I’ve been up there twice so far and it’s probably one of my favorite spots. At night the entire city is lit up and from the top of the hill you can see Cape Town in all it’s glory. We also went for a sunset picnic one night and that was just insanely beautiful – there are a few moments when I’ve realize just how far south I am in the world, and being up at Signal Hill gets me every time.
Food Jam: This is one of the coolest experiences I’ve had. Food Jam is a place where out study abroad group went to make a three course meal together and it was so much fun. There are two rules: stay hydrated and dance (while cooking) – all things I have absolutely no problem with. We were separated into groups to make a part of the meal, I made zoodles and pesto (from scratch!) and my other partners made meatballs and pasta from scratch as well. The rest of the groups made macaroons, ice cream, samosas, chicken, apricot prosciutto wraps, and spring rolls, among other things that I just couldn’t keep track of. It was a ton of fun and I would recommend everyone takes a cooking class in their lifetime – in Cape Town, or really anywhere else.
Yours Truly: A simple cafe that has the best sandwich and iced blended coffee I’ve had in a while. It’s a nice place to go when I need to feel a little piece of home because it has very earthy and urban vibes and it’s delicious.
Pizza Tasting: Not a real thing unless you are from our house and have deemed it a very necessary part of life. My friends and I ran around Cape Town tasting a bunch of pizza places because why not. Rankings: I ❤ NY Pizza, Slice on Long Street, Pizza Hut (10/10 don’t recommend Pizza Hut… but desperate times call for desperate measures.)
– Peninsula Tour: This was a fun, but very long day. We went to a few of the most famous spots in the Western Cape on a group tour. Driving along the coast and through amazing landscapes, the trip was crazy beautiful. The trip took us all the way to the most Southwestern point in Africa…. and that’s just rad.
Kirstenbosch Gardens: Becoming one of my favorite spots to go, Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden is b-e-a-utiful. I went with my best friend, Chelsea, to explore the gardens, with my Cape Town family to a summer sunset concert, and then another day with friends to watch Harry Potter. Lovely place.

{Scroll down for pics!}

Day 8:
– Registration
– Cafe Caprice and Camps Bay
– Hout Bay market 
– Long Street

Day 9:
– Outlet Mall
– Long Street (Nick’s 21st)

Day 10:
– Mzoli’s Braai
– Cocoa Wah Wah
– Buena Vista Social Cafe and Signal Hill at night 

Day 11:
– First day of classes
– Rugby game

Day 12:
– Classes
– Trivia Night

Day 13:
– Classes
– Yo Yoga 
– Watched the Bachelor finale

Day 14:
– Classes
– Food Jam
– Stones

Day 15:
– Yours Truly with Olivia
– Long Street (Beer House, Tjang Tjang, Chez)
– ‘Pizza tasting’ (Slice, I ❤ NY Pizza, Pizza Hut)

Day 16:
– Old Biscuit Mill
– Clifton Beach
– Cape Town Carnival
– The Viliage Idiot

Day 17:
– Peninsula Tour (Bo-Kaap, Company Gardens, Chapman’s Peak, lunch at Ocean View township, Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope) 
– Cafe Caprice with Chelsea

Day 18:
– Classes
– Mitchell’s and Beer House with Chelsea and her SAS friends

Day 19:
– Yours Truly with Chelsea
This was literally the hottest, driest day I’ve had here.

Day 20:
– Classes
– Xpresso, Bo-Kaap, lunch, and Kirstenbosh Botanical Gardens with Chelsea and Tom 
– Signal Hill sunset picnic 

Day 21:
– Saint James coffee and bought African dance fabrics for lapas
– Classes
Hung out with my Cape Town family at home. Taught ourselves how to ‘Juju On That Beat’ and did a bunch of dances.

Day 22:
– Truth Coffee with the housemates and Chelsea/SAS friends 

Day 23:
– Cocoa Cha Chi with Olivia
– Coco for Alister’s birthday

Day 24:
– Cocoa Wah Wah
– Kirstenbosch Summer Concert – The Rudimentals and Grass Sparks

Day 25:
– Classes
– Kayla Itsines workout Day 1

Day 26:
– Classes
– Harry Potter: The Chamber of Secrets at Kirstenbosch Gardens Galileo 

Day 27:
– Classes
– Kayla Itsines workout Day 2
This is the day that I lost all my photos from the past week because my CF card unformatted (-.-)

Day 28:
– Classes
– Cocoa Wah Wah study sesh



One thought on “One Month Down, Loving Cape Town

  1. Kailey thank you so much for taking time to report all you’re activities and to document them so well! Awesome!! What do you do on a day off?


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